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Electric Upholstery Staple Gun by Maestri- maestri me3g \u2013 best electric stapler for home hardware ,Product Description. •••••. Maestri #7 Electric Upholstery Stapler. Fine wire electric upholstery staple gun for furniture upholstery, carpet laying and more. 22 gauge, 3/8" wide crown. Goes into hardwoods unlike hardware store staplers. Shoots C Series, …Maestri ME 3G - Heavy Duty Electric Upholstery Stapler ...Maestri ME 3G - Heavy Duty Electric Upholstery Stapler. Maestri professional fine wire electric stapler for long-term reliability. This upholstery gun will penetrate most furniture hardwoods. Electric staplers from hardware stores shoot too largely and aren't powerful enough for hardwood furniture frames, plywood and particle board.

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Fasco Maestri #8 electric upholstery stapler 1/2" crown. Professional upholstery electric staple gun 20 GA. Uses 8 series staples up to 5/8-inch length. Made in Italy. $181.95 EA. Add To Cart Details. Rocama 16/ST50 OC outward clinch hand tacker. STCR5019 staples. Professional manual metal tacker similar to Bostitch PC4000-OC1 & Bostitch PC4000 ...

Maestri ME3G/71 Electric Upholstery Staple Gun (8-16mm)

Details. This Maestri ME3G/71 is a professional 240V electric upholstery staple gun. It has a safety trigger to prevent accidental firing and is capable of up to 25 shots per minute. Fires 71 Series Upholstery Staples 8-16mm in length. Features on the Maestri ME3G/71 include a high resistance fibreglass body, rear loading magazine with built-in ...

Fasco Maestri #7 electric upholstery stapler 3/8" crown

Made in Italy. Maestri ME 3G 3/8-inch crown 22 GA professional electric tacker for upholstery, decorative works, carpeting and other applications. 12' power cord. Similar to Fasco F1B 7C-16 and Spotnails PS7116 air tacker. Uses Senco C series staples (up to 5/8") - EMPIRE #7, BeA 71, JK-670, Spotnails 87. Stainless Steel staples available.